bee friends in atlanta

while in atlanta throughout july bee was able to hang out with some of her best buds. these kiddies are typically about three hours away so being temporary neighbors was so great!!

she had her usual date with luke, only this time he and his big sis mary {another best friend} took her to the movies {her first in the theater}! and boy did she love it. after almost every scene she gave an excited verbal response. and with it being dr seuss's the lorax it made for a really fun first-timer experience. the colors and animals and music was all right up her alley. and with it being $1 wed movies {2 years and under get in free} it was right up my alley, too! :)

it was also so great to hang out with lyda more regularly. it's very important for best friends to do that, you know?

and then bee finally met evaleigh! last time we saw her she was asleep {not much of an introduction} so for her and bee to both be awake this go round it was great fun. bee loves babies and she was tickled pink to play with evaleigh!

i love to watch bee make little connections and create little relationships with friends. their conversations and interactions really are priceless. gets me giddy to see her with her {our] very own baby, soon!

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Tunes & Spoons said...

precious!!!!!!!! i love these!