a little party

last week we had an early celebration for my gorgeous friend lisa's birthday! we needed an excuse for rachel to make us a cake {coconut milk chocolate to be exact... mmm}, to buy lots of pretty flowers and hang white lights. it was a sweet gathering with a beautiful ambiance.

we served lovely picnic foods {bread w/jam, veggies, fruit, etc...} and had some fabulous pomegranate punch. 

i sure do love my bff lis. she means the world to me and it was so great to show her a little bit of how much we love her with our little garden party! 

i wish you many more years of happiness and best-friendship, lis. xox

*the thoughtful gift was a commendation from friend billy!! august 4th is now recognized  by the state of ga {and signed by the governor} as lisa's bday!!


The Plum Verbena said...

This is the cutest party!! LOVE it!! Great job! And you look adorable.

Amy Marsh said...

Fabulous! Come decorate my nursery please. :)

p.s you look great in that dress!

sug said...

thanks, ladies!! i really appreciate that. :)