3rd of july

we have a tradition every year to head to downtown kennesaw {where my folks live} for the annual 3rd of july {yes 3rd} celebration. it's a sweet little community with a cute little downtown. they have live music, concessions with lots of fun and yummy treats, balloons and most importantly, a fireworks display!

we meet up with all of my family's closest friends with blankets and camping chairs to share food and good company! we love them and are like our extended family. and then, once then sun goes down and the band gets quiet, the show begins! and it never disappoints.

last year we had a ton of fun, too and bee was really into all of the noise and lights. and then this year she was a little unsure in the beginning, but once she found lyda she stood close to her little friend and then really enjoyed herself. we thought that was pretty sweet. :)

thanks marsh's for joining us this year! it was so fun!!

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