welcome to the west coast

and... we're back! sorry for leaving you for so long, but i believe we are home for awhile now. texas was wonderful, especially getting to see mick, but more on that later. :) now to play a little catch-up!

so one of the perks to being a pediatric dental resident is the fancy conferences you get to attend in fun locations! this year it was in the charming town of san diego!

i hadn't been to california since i was about 5 years old and adam since he was about 7, so it was fun to go as a family and see it together. the weather was so nice. it was perfect crisp spring weather we only hear about in the south! the temps stayed under 70 and with zero humidity it really was a mini vacation.

the town itself is kind of a mix between tampa and chicago {very beachy and coastal like tampa, but very downtown-ish like chicago}. the majority of the trip took place near the port and the gaslamp quarter {both very historical} and included really good things to eat and see {ie: ghirardelli and the zoo}!

there were tons of little greenways and parks so it was right up bee's alley. she took every advantage to run as far and for as long as she could get away with. :)

it was a lovely trip and i'm so glad we got to go as a family! we really loved san diego and are looking forward to next year's conference {in orlando}! :)

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