water park fun

like most fun and exciting things to do in augusta, we {just recently} discovered the water park and playground behind our library! it's funny how you can live in the same area for almost six years and towards the end of your time there is when you start finding what you really like most about that place. 

the library itself is very nice, but tucked down and behind it is this lovely park. with the temperatures being in the nineties most days, this is the ideal place to play. the only catch: convincing bee. at first she seemed really excited {running}, but then once she approached the water, she became hesitant.

it took some coercing {and some boys} to finally get the gumption to get in the water. but once she made that move, she was all about it. especially with those boys! 

-btw, we went again more recently and without hesitation, she ran right through the freezing water! staying there until we left. :)

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