saturday with friends


it started out as a usual saturday: bee wakes us up about 730a, we lounge around and eat breakfast over the course of an hour or so. we decide to finally get up and put on some clothes and head out for a morning walk. we would have gone to our usual saturday morning spot {aka the market} but we had plenty of milk so we went for a neighborhood stroll instead.

the weather was ahh-mazing. lately it has been soo humid {100%!!} and soo HOT {95+!!} that going outside for any amount of time during the day is unheard of {unless necessary, of course}! but this particular morning there was hardly any humidity, a mild temp {78?} and a breeze!! it was one of the best walks to date.

anyways, after our morning nap {i know...} we met up with our friends the mintons and headed to trenton, sc for the peach festival!

the drive there was short but sweet. once we were off the highway we drove through the orchards where the trees hung over the road. i love it when trees do that! and then once we approached the tiny and charming town of trenton, there was the festival. all a bustle.

after our girls {bee and pearl} were strapped into their strollers we headed in. sitting in the center was a stage with a local artist singing an awesome mix of brandi carlisle and jewel. not only did that set the mood for our visit, our music-loving bee ran straight to the stage to join the girl.

further in we stopped for something to eat. it ranged from typical festival food {funnel cakes, meat-on-a-stick, kettle corn} and homemade favorites {bbq, fried chicken, fries} and then tons of freshly made lemonade {mine and bee's favorite}! so we stuffed ourselves for lunch but made sure to save room for dessert {peaches, duhh}!

when it came to the peaches, they had just been picked that morning! and they had peach everything... jam, salsa, fritters, bbq sauce, preserves, bread, cake, etc. of course we tasted a little bit of everything and then topped it all with the homemade peach ice cream. yum!!

nothing symbolizes summer {at least in the peach state} more than a peach! and you can't go wrong with at least a 1/2 peck of them to take home! can't wait for all things peach. ice cream, cake, pie, cobbler, salsa, etc!

*although not pictured, adam was present and participated in this lovely day. he took all the pictures! :)

-side note: i think the three of us are finally getting over whatever this terrible head cold is that we've had {for a wk now}, so hopefully we are back to our normal pace!

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Amy Marsh said...

save some peach cobbler for me! i've been craving it!!!