our airman

happy friday, everyone!

so the day FINALLY came for us all to watch our mick graduate from basic and become an official airman!! we were so excited to see him and so proud of his success. he looked great, too! tan and trim. :) we spent most of the day walking around base, but after that he insisted we head to downtown san antonio and do the tourist route. we had fun seeing ripley's museum, the tussaud wax museum and the 4d theater. and then we finished off the festivities with country fried steaks all around... it was a great day!

i'm so proud and excited for my brother and what lies ahead for him! i miss him terribly {esp bee!} but am so glad he gets to travel and experience life all over the place!

*update: mick will be in tx for 45 more days until he relocates to japan for 2 years!!

-have a fabulous weekend everybody!! we'll be spending ours scouting out the sc/ga coast. :)

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