nothing makes this girl happier {okay, other than her daddy} than just being outside! she really looks forward to our daily walks and if i say let's go and then get sidetracked she chases me down and pushes me out the door! 

even when the girl was teeny tiny she loved to be outdoors! there were many {fussy} nights were all it took was a walk around the block and she would be out! 

we have recently been toying with the idea of camping with her and are pretty sure she would be in her element. must make that happen before it get's to be too hot/july! 

she has more fun going on walks, collecting rocks, digging in/eating dirt and chasing whatever bug is within sight than any activity we may play inside.  

i'm thinking once we have a place of our own she will be game for a swingset/playhouse/treehouse for sure! can't wait. :)

-btw: headed to the beach this next week so i will see you guys on the flip side!! :)

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