take a tub

there is something so innocent and precious about my baby girl in the tub. it's a euphoric experience for her every time. no matter what kind of day she had, it all changes as soon as her little bum is submerged in the water. there can even be a drastic attitude change {sometimes touchy before bed} once she's in that tub!!

recently she finds it humorous to wear goggles and stick her face in, pour a cup full or stick her whole head under the running faucet. adam said it's the only time of day when she actually stops {energizer bunny} and gives herself time to relax!

her love for water and being in it makes me so happy, especially since we are very much beach folk. we are headed to the beach next weekend with family and are very excited to spend lots of time in, around and on top of the water! her most recent visit was very successful so i can only hope the next will be even better. this girl is definitely a mermaid. through and through. no matter how old she gets, she'll never be too old to "take a tub". 

AND... here is the debut of bee's very first bath!! can't believe i haven't revealed it until today! so so sweet. :)

*if you wanna see some more baby bee bath pics, check here and here and then i found some sweet old videos here and here! - WARNING: contains bee nudity!! ;)


Ash said...

Perfect video to show to Bee's first boyfriend.

Love Bee in goggles. Such a funny kid.

sug said...

she insists on the goggles. hopefully she won't though on that first date! :)