a lot of rain

 it was one of those mornings where bee was bored and ready to be outside. coincidentally it was also one of those mornings when the sun refused to shine and it still felt like nighttime. but since i have a very insistent little bee who was dressed {with shoes on} hanging on the doorknob, we decided it was time for a walk. when i left the room to put on my shoes she chased after me and fussed until we made it outside and into her wagon. looking at the sky i knew what we were in for, but to suffice my temperamental toddler, we proceeded.

she was thoroughly enjoying herself and began her usual conversations with her stick and leaf friends. we found some tiny pine cones and a few dandelions to blow apart, pointed to and yelled at some squirrels and stray neighborhood cats. our walk was going so well and still no rain! but once we got to the the spot where we turn around, it got a darker. then bee said "uh-oh". :) not sure if those two were related {she did drop her cup about that time, too} but super cute nonetheless. 

then it happened. it started with a light mist, and we didn't mind it. it felt good on our warm walk. i don't think bee even noticed other than the wagon getting a little wet. she had some rocks she had started a chat with but then when we heard thunder! the rain really came down after that. really huge drops were covering us and everything around us like a big wet blanket {pardon the pun}! 

we were 3/4 of the way home, but needless to say, we got really wet. okay, soaked. and bee didn't like it one bit! while we were quickly walking through the rain {okay, storm!} it made me think how life is like a thunderstorm... it can be pleasant but it can also be dark and pretty scary. it can leave you cold and sad but it can also bless you in many ways. life doesn't always go how we want and/or plan {learning this a lot more lately} but that's okay. that's life. that's why we're here! and in the end it has only made us stronger.

 i felt bad for dragging my poor bee through the cold rain, but i was glad i had the chance to contemplate more on some of the small things that teach me daily why i'm here and what i'm doing. it makes me all the happier and love my little bee even more. thanks bee, for continually teaching your in-training momma. :) 

when we finally got to the front door, we threw off our shoes, stripped down to our skivvies, wrapped ourselves into some blankies and hopped into bed. everything was right after that.
just me and my bee.


Amy Marsh said...

sounds like a wonderful day! :) thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

Ash said...

Such a cute, funny kid! And I know what you mean about things not going according to plan. But in my very limited experience, it seems to me that it ends up working for the best. These pictures almost make me wish I was in Augusta to play with Bee in nursery! (Almost)

sug said...

thx amy! and thx ashlyn, she misses you, too! see you in july! no nursery :)