happy date-iversary!!

this past wednesday marked our 8th year of dating. we even went to the high museum {one of our first dates} to see picasso to warhol without even realizing that it was our date-iversary {at least not right away}. it was fun to celebrate by attending the high and walking through the little downtown neighborhood like we did eight years ago!

it's so crazy to think we have been together so long already. i know that sounds ridiculous but time has really just flown by! and the summer we dated is one of our most favortiest memories! not just the fun trips and adventures we went on {beach, camping, etc} but also the music we listened to, the incredible weather, even the smells {think ga in the spring. yum}!! it is still so fun to remember and repeat. :)

to think how much has changed and all we have accomplished and experienced within that time. we have lived in athens for 2 years, augusta for 5 years {bleh}, traveled to mexico, france, italy and thailand, graduated from dental school {ok, adam has} and had our baby bee!! not to mention, we are both so close to being 30 year olds {omgosh}!!! we are very different folks than the two {kids} we used to be those 8 years ago, but still very much the same. and considering how we have made it trough some really difficult times together on top, i hope we're all the wiser, too. :) 

but what's most important, and has been most important is that i am not only married to an amazingly intelligent, handsome, sweet sweet smooch but that he is my best friend. from 8 years ago up to now and for eternity! i cannot thank my heavenly father enough every chance I get for how blessed I am for meeting my soul mate and falling in love. it it is what has made my life into a fairy tale. i love you so much, my smooch. happy date-iversary!!

*the milkshake pictured above was amazing!! nutella+burnt marshmallow from flip burger! mmm...


Ash said...

Flip burger is the bomb. I love their krsipy kreme milkshakes.

sug said...

agreed. the perfect treat. i'll have to try the krispy kreme next. they say it has two whole donuts in it!!