feeling copious

so turns out i have a closet full of clothes... that i sometimes {okay maybe never} wear! but i am one of those super hoarders when it comes to keeping my clothes. i feel like as soon as i get rid of something i will miss it terribly and regret the loss. then there's this horrible place called plato's closet {notice no link there ;) }! they claim they do you this huge favor by taking your "gently used" clothing and paying you top dollar for them.

psych! what the DO do is take your clothes you may never have worn {almost nothing in my closet} and offer you $2 for it. regardless of what great shape it's in or what a great piece it is! i know i know... they gotta make money, too. blah blah blah well i have been burned far too many times dragging a truckload in then taking $5 {selling 4 items!} and the "rejects" back to my closet.

no sir! no more of that ridiculousness!! and ebay is not my forte {t'is my hubs, though!} so i started hoarding again and donating to local collectors {ie: goodwill and such}. but then my dear friend joy {okay, not a personal friend} showed me the light {aka COPIOUS} and now i finally have a place to sell my precious things!! it's super easy to navigate and super awesome how well it functions! i have already started selling things. like gotten paid for them!! :) so here's my spot, come when you can and check out what i got. and i'm hoping it will be added to regularly {i'll never stop shopping}, so stay in touch!

-happy shopping!!

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