diy holey flats

let's punch holes in your shoes! seriously.
let's say you have a sad and beat-up pair of leather flats {with a bit of gold paint remnants} that are begging you to give them a makeover...what do you do?? first you spy an amazing {more expensive} pair in a store {for inspirational purposes} and make a plan to recreate them. on the cheap. :) 

if you are still interested, here we go!

the specimen:

sad leather flats {any color will be great}
rotary hole punch for leather {found @ michael's, $8}
awesome hand muscles {*husband used if necessary}

in case you wanna see what your are looking for:

now for the punches. i didn't make any marks or patterns or anything on the shoes before, i just free-handed it! i chose the 1/8" size and decided to keep the holes around an inch or so apart. start on the inside arch area just in case it takes few tries to get the hang of it. less noticeable if it's messed up. :) it was pretty quick and easy. also, i didn't go too far down into the toe area and stayed above where the sole meets the sides, or go crazy if you want! 

*to be honest, after doing one shoe my hands were starting to hurt, so my smooch finished the other shoe for me! 

and... that's it! i personally love them. and adam insists they help with foot ventilation. :)


-side note: wore them into madewell afterwards and the sales girl thought they were theirs! for real?! haha


Cherie (and sometimes Senor) said...

They are summerized! And cute

Amy Marsh said...

you are a genius! super cute!! love them.

sug said...

thx, ladies. and if you want some, you know who to call! :)