take me out to spring training part I

notice the guy behind the counter trying to figure out why I was taking pictures of his popcorn. 

we knew there was a reason "ball" was bee's official first word! :) for christmas, adam's parents gave him tickets to several spring training games in orlando, florida. so we loaded up the truck this past weekend and headed down south for some vacay-time with our dear friend amy marsh and her sweet baby lyda.   

most parents take their kids to disney world to see mickey and his friends, but we take ours to see the braves @ the wide world of sports! as soon as we found our seats, the experience started {for bee}. she was pretty sure all the fans had shown up to see her, and she waved and cheered at anyone who smiled in her direction. and she had her first ballpark hot dog! oh, and apparently, every employee at the braves stadium has a back pocket full of mickey mouse stickers, and since they kept giving them to bee, she decided that the only obvious place to put a mickey sticker was on her forehead!

after a couple of innings bee needed a break and somewhere in the stadium she found a pay phone (probably last used in 2005) and tried calling her nana to let her know how the game was going. then, somewhere around the 5th or 6th inning, the camera man caught bee with her stickers, and she made the jumbotron!! 

during the seventh inning stretch we relocated to the green to stretch our legs and chase our girl. she loved having a chance to run and chase the kids. it was a perfect ending to bee's very first spring training game!!


Amanda said...

I won't lie I am pretty jealous she made it on the jumbotron :)

sug said...

we were shocked and excited. what are the chances? next time go with us so you can be on there with bee. :)