look who is 16 months old!

i can not believe how quickly my little bee is growing! i was looking through picture from juct christmas and it was like a completely different baby! she doesn't even have many baby features anymore. everytime i look at her she looks so grown up.

i remember when we first held her as a newborn, how tiny she was. so delicate and fragile. but as the year{s} have passed she has grown into a strong, healthy and determined little girl!!

most recently she can say a handful of her abc's {a, c, d, i, j} and count to two! she loves her "da-ee" {daddy}, "shoosh" {shoes}, ducks, birds and balls and constantly wants to be outside and moving. she likes to wake us up with "up, down" and "der ee iz!" {there it is} and "dat" w/her finger pointing. she likes to play a parrot and repeat things we say. i think it makes her feel grown up. oh and she insists on sitting in a chair next to us instead of her highchair...again, to feel grown up. :)

she recently discovered she loves baseball games and still, if not more, loves the beach. her favorite foods are kalamata olives, strawberries, mandarin oranges, cereal with milk {in her own bowl!} and cinnamon raisin bread!

we sure love our big girl!! :)

happy monday, everyone!

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