loathe v love

*note the spot of dirt and drop of drool. :)

just a few more facts about my little town of augusta.
oh, augusta.


-the radio stations. literally the worst in ga. they have like one bad oldies rock, one country, one rap, one r&b and then "bob fm", which i'm pretty sure is augusta trying to have their own version of dave fm {atl station} but it is so not. and they play about 10 different songs on each station. seriously. promise! we've resorted to pandora and ipod permanently.
-masters week. pure chaos, once a year, right across the street. it's a madhouse and makes driving 1/8 mile to anywhere absurd! i know!
-pedestrians. they think they own the road. literally. especially when they insist on crossing in the middle of "don't walk" traffic! i am a pedestrian a lot of the time and abide by the "don't-get-yourself-killed" rules just fine. but these idiots must be suicidal!!
-i20. the longest and nakedest stretch of highway. ever. not even a gas station for about 25 miles of it {can make driving on empty very interesting}!
-driving to atlanta. every weekend it takes about 3 hours. that's 3 hours too long for bee. :)reason enough for me to loathe something.


-the sunsets. i'm not sure if it has anything to do with being close to the coast, or the river or maybe all the chemicals from the refineries here, but they are so lovely. especially in spring!
-fresh market. it may be up there with the other snobby grocers {ie harry's and whole foods} but the smell alone when you walk in will have you sold. not to mention all their amazing pastries or the large and inexpensive floral department {think trader joe's}. we like to go there for a stroll when we need a few things and want to get some really good cheese. :)
-gas prices. the gas here is soo much cheaper than all of georgia. i guess i should clarify that we cross the river into north augusta, sc {confusing, i know} to get our gas. usually $0.10 cheaper than atlanta!!
-consignment and thrifting. this place wrote the book on great second-hand. there is a plethora of places to go and most of the time they are filled with clothes, shoes and home goods that look unused or easily revamped {see my diys}!
-family activities. they have first friday every month with fun outdoor activities, art shows,  saturday morning market, festivals and other gatherings. all year round. there is always something going on downtown in the commons {not always exciting, but you can't be too particular :) }.

have a lovely weekend!!

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