diy dining room chair

okay, guys. here is my second attempt at a diy. i'd like to introduce you to some sad chairs i bought at the thrift store. they just looked so depressing but had so much potential. so i swooped them up {paid for} and brought them into my home for a refresher. 

screws {some were missing}
spray paint {i used 5 cans of matte gold on 4 chairs
fabric {i repurposed a flat cotton sheet}
staple gun

now, this chair is made of rod iron and the seat was covered in a sad micro-suede-something, so there was hardly any prepping {no stripping took place.} but i did clean up the seat fabric a bit. you could also febreeze if necessary! but i didn't have to sand before painting or remove the fabric from the seat [usual occurrences}. everything just got recovered! 

so here we go!

here's the original chair:

first, i unscrewed the seat from the chair and began to paint.

then, i took the seat, cleaned it up a bit and laid it on top of the fabric, face down. be sure to start in one corner of the fabric to conserve as much of it as possible. you may have another diy soon! be sure to measure the edges before you cut so that you have enough to pull up and staple to the back. also, if you are using a patterned fabric, be conscious of which direction it's going when you place the fabric, if you want your seat uniform! then get to cutting.

once the fabric is cut {starting with opposing sides}, pull tight and staple! be sure to keep the staples fairly close to one another. it helps keep the fabric straight and from stretching loose. i tried to do every 1"-1.5". doing the opposing sides first instead of going clockwise also helps to keep the fabric straight while you are folding and stapling. once you get to the corners {be sure you do them last}, try and keep them as clean and tight as possible so that they are less noticeable and more tailored. cut any excess fabric that may noticeably hang from the bottom of the seat.
finally, after the paint is dry and the seat is covered, screw the seat back into place.
the final product!

seriously one of the easiest projects i have done. thank goodness for spray paint!!

-see my first diy here!


Amy Marsh said...

super cute!!!! love them!

sug said...

thanks, girly! if i don't find the table to match, they may end up on your doorstep! ;)