the day it could have rained but didn't

*despite what is depicted, no, i am not pregnant.
 saturday we decided to head downtown for a festival in the park. it was the "dogwood festival", but with such crazy weather here in the south the dogwoods already came and went prior to the festival {in case you were confused by none being pictured}!

we started with a ride on marta, which is a little less exciting for bee considering she's done the dc metro and nyc subway {ok, in utero}. but still fun, none the less. we then continued into and around the park. it was another perfect place for bee to stretch her legs and run around and play with sticks! it was also a great spot to meet up with friends {hey lisa and rachel}!

we got our fill of carnival food {gyros and fries} and were able to enjoy lots of local art and fanfare. one of our favorites was the portraits of tree frogs doing average {human} activities {ie reading, motorcycling}.

come the end of the day, our festivities started to wind down and we took marta back home where a certain little bee went straight to sleep. :) another successful spring saturday outside!

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