the one thing bee is afraid of

as most of you know, my child is rarely bothered or intimidated by anything. most call her a daredevil. so when we took her and cousin coraleigh for a spin on the carousel, we were shocked by her reaction! she was simply mortified. we are still not sure if it was too close to nap time or if she really was honestly scared. in the beginning she seemed interested, running to get on with coraleigh. but once it started to move, the fear ensued and the fun was over. and unfortunately once it started she had to ride it out. so she jumped into her daddy's arms and stared me down as she completed the horrifying whirl. finally the fun/terror was over, she got stamped and basically washed her hands of the experience. at least for now!
p.s. don't ask her about it! it's still a sore subject. :)

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