loathe v love

considering i only have a little over a year left of my 6 year stretch in this fabulous town, i thought i would do a little comparison {maybe regularly} to help me remember some special times and details for when i'm gone!

-the drivers. they are the worst and most dangerous here! no one signals {my #1 pet peeve}, they cut you off like it's bangkok traffic {i have been there, i know!}, and have no problems laying on the horn 1 second into a green light! also, i have been hit twice {6 months apart} and was even behind a guy this morning who decided he was tired of waiting on the red light. so he gunned it!
-the smell. at least once a week they air is think with a heavy sewer smell {again, like bangkok}.
-the distance from civilization. after living in austin, atlanta and athens...augusta {all a's!} is so far from family, friends and fun things to do {shopping}. maybe that last one was for the best. :)
-the loiterers. oh my. gosh. i have called the cops at least twice to get some interesting individuals off my property!
-the fact that there is zero zoning is ridiculous. and sometimes scary at night!
-the fact that you could be walking next to what seems to be a normal individual{as far as appearances go} and then you notice they're having a very animated conversation. by themselves. no bluetooth.
-the 5 years we have been here {1 to go!} will have revolved around school. but i guess we did make that choice!

-the beautiful old homes. we love our little mint green cottage with it's huge yard. and the antebellum homes sprinkled throughout the area.
-the lake and the walk all around it
-the river and canal. again, the walk is great
-all the blooming landscape that make this town charming. so much color!
-the beach weather
-the sweet sweet friends we have made here. whether they are transitional like us or born and bred, they all are so wonderful and i will hate to leave them next summer!! :(
-the pride of those born and bred here. they and their families love this town. could think of no better place to live. :)
-the variety of places to eat. there are so many places on my "wishlist" on urbanspoon! and if you find a hole-in-the-wall, most likely it's the best food you'll eat around here!


The Tureks said...

Good idea. I should begin my love loathe list for San Antonio. Any idea where life will take you next?

sug said...

vanessa, we have no clue. more than likely here in ga. how's san an? we are there this june for my bros graduation from basic. we should hook up!