diy fireplace wood board

okay, so this is technically my first diy...so bear with me. :)
i found pictures on pinterest of the look with stacked wood {logs} inside of a fireplace. i would have normally just cut logs and laid them in there, but we all know they would not have been left alone. :) we have a fairly large opening in our fireplace and the main purpose for this project was to keep a certain little one from hanging out in there!

side note- i didn't know that it would turn out so well or that i would later be sharing the steps of making it...so no "during" photos. but i will explain as clearly as possible and please don't hesitate to ask me any questions to better clarify!! it's basically a board, sprayed black with little wooden coasters glued to it to make it look like stacked logs. :)

k, here goes!

particle board {cut to size-done at lowe's for no extra charge} aprox: $15
small logs{the amount used depends on the size of the wood and how you want it to look}
black spray paint
hand saw
hot glue

first, start by measuring the opening of your fireplace to get the size you need. the board will fill the entire area at the front so measure a little big and you can go back and saw off little bits if you need to.
once you have your measurements, get your particle board at a hardware store and have them cut it down to size for you.
next, spray your board black {it will need at least two coats} and then start cutting your rounds. we used a variety of sizes and lengths of the wood to make it more realistic and to give it dimension. most were about 1-2" wide and 1-2" long and then some little skinny 1/4" wide branch sizes to fill in the small gaps.during this process we started arranging the rounds on the board to get an idea of the final product and to place them before gluing them down.

once you have the desired look you want, get out that glue gun and go to town! we actually started with wood glue but in never set or stuck well enough and they began popping off. so we moved onto the ever-useful hot glue! no problems since. :)
after you get rid of all the hot-glue cobwebs and have it looking complete, place her in and make necessary adjustments so that she wedges tightly into place.


Dana said...

I seriously love this. I've always wanted to stack wood in the fireplace... never thought about doing a faux front. Great job! I might steal this idea :)

sug said...

thanks dana! it's a little time consuming but easy. and i bet yours would look even better. you ARE a designer! :)