tell me if this sounds familiar:

 while out with bee i found an amazing upholstered chair. it was lovely. ok, here's the pic .

anyways, i was smitten but was in a position where it just wasn't going to happen at that moment. i say that because this specific retailer has a terrible rep for helping customers with large and awkward purchases {i was 8 months pregnant buying an area rug}! so i decided to assume it was mine {without paying for it?!} and left. i was going to come back just a couple hours later, sans baby.

so we ate dinner, put bee to bed and then i got distracted with a certain blog...meaning i ended up leaving a little later than i had originally planned. feeling confident and excited i zoomed back to the store. only to find. a woman...

she's on her cell and blabbing to someone about something. so i politely brushed past her to MY chair. i almost hugged it. then she paused from her phone convo to lean towards me and say, "umm, i am actually buying that chair". i seriously shut down...and my mind began filling with ugly things to respond to her ridiculous statement. mostly, "umm, actually i am!!!".

i was fuming and i guess it showed because she {while still on the phone} kept saying "this is so awkward. sorry." super apathetically. she then decided to explain why she was standing there on the phone and not in line with a chair on her back; "i asked for someone to come from the front to come help me and i have been on the phone with my mom for like 15 mins". i seriously had to have rolled my eyes. i at least felt it.

i told her there was a slim chance for someone from the front coming to help, mentioning i bought an area rug there at 8 months pregnant, and carried that thing to my car MYSELF!!! thank you.

"oh", she said. then in defense i said i had been in there earlier with my 15 month old and since that wasn't going to work, i waited for my husband to come home. then she had the AUDACITY to say. "oh, i have 3 kids...6, 4 and 21 months, so". can you believe her? so i again tried to walk away and she insisted that i giver her my number "in case it doesn't work out". she continued, "i've done that before, i met with the girl in the parking lot of the store later on and i got it".

by this point i just wanted to be mad and was ready to get away from her....

this is a perfect example of what happens when i find one-of-something that i may never see again, and instead of just buying it then and there, i just leave! and it's gone upon my return...

so this is for you, lady {has me as "chair girl"in her phone now}. you've crossed me, and it must have been a pretty good night, because i very well could have shrugged my shoulders, scooped up that chair and carried off with it. but i didn't. you win.

okay, i feel much better now! thanks for understanding, y'all!


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