Love love

how she wakes up chatting
her bedhead
her teethy grin
her curls
the way she walks
when she runs
her giggles
the way she dog piles
how she likes to body slam
when she wears baskets and buckets as hats
when she peeks at me in the rear view mirror (facing forward now)
how she drags her books to you when she wants to read
how affectionate she is
the way she includes herself in conversation
how she is admired by everyone who meets her
how she squeals/gasps when she falls on her bum
the way she loves hearing herself talk
how she says "mamamamama" to herself - it's a secret word :)
the way she sings along to any music she hears
when she hears music she recognizes or likes and immediately starts dancing
her dancing
her continual laugh
when she laughs to herself
what a smart, sweet lovey girl she is

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