bee in the er

as most of you already know, we had our first visit to the er last weekend. while hanging out with uncle aaron at his house, bee fell face first into a free weight laying on the floor. it split her little fore head between the eyes. the only time throughout the entire experience she cried was when her daddy was applying pressure to stop the bleeding. other than that, no complaining from bee! we butterflied the split and drove the the hospital about 5 mins away. fortunately they were not busy and we were seen right away! they numbed it, cleaned it and then stitched it closed. and bee was as good as new, plus was sporting a tough new look. yesterday we removed the stitches and it is healing quite nicely. i knew the day we would travel to the er was soon approaching with such a fearless child, little did i know it was coming so soon! but to all of you new mothers out there or those older mothers who have yet to experience this, it's really not that bad! especially if you have a tough little turkey like us! :)