so much to love

november 2011

i love this girl so much

the way she claps her hands, esp when there's dancing and singing to be had
the way she chews with all three of her teeth
her three teeth
her ever-growing mohawk
how she waves all the time now
how she walks all the time now

her frankenstein walk {arms straight out and marching}
her love for apples, whole

her love for her wagon {early bday present}
how much she loves being outside. all the time.
her dog pile and dog wrestling skills
her constant humming/singing, even without music playing
her dance moves

when she's upset in the car, simply turn on primary songs
how she holds onto the window when it's rolled down next to her

how she screams in excitement when she sees her daddy approaching from a distance

when she cries after her daddy leaves the room...such a daddy's girl
how much she loves playing in her room {made some room updates!}
her desire to try any foods {most recently tofu and lamb}
how she points to everything with her little finger
how she wakes up in the morning STARVING
how she makes her toys talk to each other

how much she loves nature and being outside
how much she loves her puppies and the way they make her laugh
how she shakes her head and laughs when i tell her 'no'
the way she stares at strangers
how she stops in the middle of whatever she's doing just to give me hugs
how much she loves to swing
how she gives eskimo kisses

when i ask her to kiss her baby she opens her mouth really wide and kisses her head
her fondness for bath time
her old-man toots

how soundly she sleeps between her daddy and me when she wakes up too early ;)
how soundly she sleeps in her bed all night long
how much she loves jack johnson radio
her wrinkled nose when she giggles
the way she bobs up and down while riding in her wagon
when she picks up something and holds it on her head or behind her
how ticklish her arm pits are
how much she loves to snuggle, esp in the morning

the way she "talks" when adam and i are talking