uncle colin's wedding

we had the privilege of visiting maryland for the first time and attending our dear friend colin campbell's wedding festivities! the adventure started at the rehearsal dinner at his co-worker's residence in the countryside of pennsylvania. his property was a vineyard with an old barn house in the clearing. it was gorgeous and magical {should have taken more pictures :/}! then we had the opportunity to visit/play with the groom for the majority of the wedding day, which is great since we only get to see him a few times a year! later in the day was the ceremony at a lovely church in baltimore which was then followed by a reception at a gorgeous old mansion nearby. it was so fun to see all of colin's family. we love them all! and it was fun to see adam's old classmates and friends he grew up with from athens. it was like a reunion and wedding all in one. it made for a super fun and much remembered trip! love to colin and jess!!!

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