lots to love

august 2011

i love the way my bee wraps her arms tight around my neck when i pick her up
the way she sits straight and attentively in the shopping cart
all the hair sprouting atop her noggin
how she pulls up all by herself
the way she likes to "sing" along when there is music playing
her love for the curious george soundtrack
her love for anything we are eating
her two-tooth grin
her log-rolling skills
her super-growing love for books
her fascination with bunnies and ducks
her partial bye-bye wave
the way she responds to "charlotte"
how she responds to "come here", including her fast moves in her walker into the next room
how she outgrew her shoe collection before she could wear it out
the way she loves to kick and play in the tub
the way she curls up when you hold her and she's sleepy
the way she sticks out her jaw and "yahyahyah's" with her teeth
her fascination with sesame street, specifically elmo
how she promptly attends priesthood every sunday
the way she follows biscuit under the bed and couch with her legs sticking out
when she plays with drawer knobs and pulls
how she has perfected the toy/book-snatch {quickly grabs a toy from her basket while in her walker}
how she likes to bite onto toys and drag them like her puppy friends do
how beautiful-er her eyes get, every day
how soft her skin is after a bath
the way she smells likes clean laundry even in dirty-ish clothes
how gifted she is, esp at nine months old
when she gets fussy/bored in the car she likes/is distracted by her window rolled down
how she tries any object on as a hat, with both hands
how she shivers/gets a chill and giggles after
when she covers her ears and gets loud, just to hear herself
how she likes to talk with one finger in the corner of her mouth
when she pulls on her ears and laughs
the way she yells at strangers in public, to be friendly
all the new blended consonants she likes to use {tr, br, bl, pl, th, dr, cr, pt, ml, ft}
how she loves to be smooshed-smooched {kissed hard} on those cheeks
her love for any type of cheerio
her new found love for nilla wafers
how she's taller than all her friends
the way she loves to wear stripes as much as i do
when she tries to peek at the next page of any book you read her
when she's really upset and i hold her close, she'll sigh really big

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