you're my little chu chi face

july 2011

i sure love
the way she makes little bunny-nose-wiggles while she sleeps
how she sits up all by her self...mostly
her constant "dada's" that gradually get louder
how well behaved she is on airplanes and in airports {i think it's all the people/audience}
her birdie arm flapping
how she throws her arms straight out behind her, again like a birdie
the tuft of hair on the top of her head that grows longer each day
her super blonde then almost red hair color
how bright her blue eyes have become
how everyone tells me what a gorgeous baby girl i have
the comments everyone makes on how pretty her eyes are
how tall/long she is getting
the interest in food that continues to grow {she'll eat anything!}
how she uses a sippy cup, like a big girl
when she smells likes bananas
her interest in shoes
her mouth when she speaks, mostly saying "dada"
her perfect pink, heart-shaped mouth
how she is so eager to walk and has the pattern down, just not the balance
the love she has for her furry siblings
when i say her name and she giggles and wiggles
how she shoots her passie out of her mouth when you stick it in there while she's trying to talk

her reaction when she sees her dada
how social and friendly she is to all she sees
when she stares at older children in awe of their abilities
no matter how much interesting and yummy big-girl food she eats, she always prefers her mama:)
how much she loves the water and swimming
how cute she looks in her swimsuits
how she finally fits into her huge shoe collection:)
her love for reading and books
her silly faces she makes when you catch her off guard/surprise her
her nap and sleeping schedule
how relaxed and chill her personality is
her love for the outdoors
how much she loves animals and the zoo
how engaged she is in her surroundings
when she toots after she wakes up
the way she squeals like a squeak her toy when she plays with her dada
when she'll do anything better if you sing to her while doing it {ie: putting on pj's}
how she tightens her lips and lightly blows at the end of her yawn
when she says "ahh" after eating or drinking
her love for making poot noises on our arms or legs, esp during times like church
her reaction to seeing me after i've been away
her ability to make strangers smile
when i close my eyes and she thinks i'm asleep, she'll do the same
the way she can pull out her pacifier, put it down, pick it up and replace no problem
her reaction to the baby in the mirror
how well behaved she is at all day events that disturb her nap schedule
her eyes and smile when she wakes up from a nap

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