oh baby

more to love - may 2011

the way she grabs her feet
how she sleeps through the night
when she giggles while we tickle and play
the blonde peach fuzz on her head
her interest in her puppy friends
the faces and noises she makes when she poops
her devotion to her books and our reading time
her foot-grab-rocking she does in her crib
the way we growl back and forth, like our secret language
how she insists on our hands on her face whens she's falling asleep
when there's almost her entire fist in her mouth
our daily walks through our sweet smelling neighborhood
how she smiles and laughs at random people she meets or watches
how her face lights up when her daddy talks to her, even on speaker phone
how she loves to play and sleep in her crib, like it's her personal and favorite spot
when she sits in her bumbo while we three chat and eat together
her fascination with food we're eating
when our toenails match
the way her breath smells
how she sleeps between us for family naps
her fascination with older kids - giggling and staring
when she's close to falling asleep but first smiles and giggles just before she doses off

her huge grins
her wide-open eyes, discovering the world around her
her love for her uncle's and grandpa's - flirting
her love for grandma's and all her aunties
her tickle spots - her back, neck and feets
the way she burries her face when she's sleepy or cuddly
the way she gives big wet smooches
how her little hairs blow in the breeze
when she grabs her foot just after i finish painting her toes ;)
how she loves being outside - all the time
when she grabs my hand or fingers to be close
how she loves to sleep with a pillow - only with me
her reaction to flavors we dip her pacifier in
how nosy/interested she is in her surroundings even while eating
her perma-hot-pink lips
her flirty faces - all in the eyes and brows
the way she laughs and giggles when you surprise her - "boo!"
how she chats with her toys
the way she'll babble in her crib, then when i enter her room she'll stop and have a huge grin on her face
when she shoots her pacifier from her mouth- almost across the room
when she's mad at me and daddy picks her up, she'll face me again and smile
how beautiful she is!

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