vaccinations round two

The day finally came to return to the Dr for round two. I was actually really upset to have to go again. Alone again. Single parenting during pain inflicted activities is the absolute worse. I hate it. Fortunately I have a positive thinker for a husband who gave me some goods tips (he is almost a dMD you know) and reassured me that the day would go fine. It seriously pains me to watch my child cry in pain and agony and maybe think I'm allowing it to happen to her. Needless to say the pep talk helped as did our prayers. Oh and Adam's suggestion to give her tylenol and ice - pack her little thighs pre-injection help tremendously! I'm so glad I'm a veteran at this now because it only continues throughout life. I also believe having her outside a lot helps, too! We had lunch by the river and then went on a 5 mile walk around the lake! She loved it all. :)
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