what i love about my baby girl

march 2011

her pretty, soft, milky white skin
how soft the bottoms of her feet are
her huge blue eyes and mile long lashes
the way she purses her lips while she sleeps
how she makes her mouth into a perfect O and says "who"
when she's crying it sounds like she's saying "ma"
when she is really upset, how she just wants her "ma"
how ticklish she is down her back
her friar's hairline
her two freckles on the top of her head
her kissable double chin and neck
that we have matching hair color
her sweet button nose
how cute she looks in a plain white onesie
how much she loves just being in her diaper aka naked
how she wakes from each nap and in the mornings in such a happy and cheerful mood full of big toothless smiles
the way she runs her tongue across her gums and around inside her mouth
the way she chews/sucks on her bottom lip
how her belly gets really full and hangs over her diaper
how she tucks in her bottom lip when she's talking
when she gets in a chatty mood and giggles while she talks
the way her eyes roll around in her head when she's so sleepy and/or so milk-drunk
how she now buries her face in the side of my neck when she falls asleep on my shoulder
the way she holds her head up really well but continues to nod her head
when she kicks her feet while she's eating
how serious/somber she looks when she's going potty
her dimple on the left side of her mouth
her little blonde eyebrows
how she stares and has conversations with lights, fans, electric sockets, plugs, crown molding, frames, pictures and art work
how she takes naps lying next to me breathing in my face
how sweet her head smells
how chubby and smoochy her cheeks are
how she always holds onto a part of my shirt or hair when i hold her
how when she smiles she uses her entire face, just like her daddy
how she likes it when i smooch on her closed eyes
when she wraps her arms around me while she sleeps on my chest
how she coos and chirps while she's sleeping
when she grunts like a little piggy
how she shoots out her pacifier when she falls asleep
when she gnaws on her fist
the way she always leans to the left, just like me
when she toots during tummy time
how serious she looks when she takes a shower
how relaxed she looks when she takes a bath
how she strokes the back of her head while she's falling asleep
how she makes little critter noises when she yawns
when her socks hang off her feet
the way she twitches in her sleep just like me
the way she stretches when she wakes up and scrunches her nose and lips real tight
when you stand her on her feet, she straightens her legs and points her toes like a ballerina
how one arm dangles to the side when daddy carries her in his arms
how grown up she looks in her stroller
her sausage toes
how her toes look when her toe nails are painted
how her hairs on the top of her head blow when the car windows are rolled down
her bedhead hair
how rosy her cheeks are and how discombobulated she looks when she wakes up
the dimples in her hands
her rolls on her legs
when she sneezes it's always at least twice
how she'll turn her mouth completely upside down before she cries
when her chin quivers
when she fake cries from boredom
how she loves to be outside
how she loves to sleep next to me in the mornings
how she clasps her fingers together and then stretches them so daintily
her perfect belly button
how happy she is to see her daddy when he gets home
how she rubs her eyes when she gets sleepy
the noise she makes with her pacifier in her mouth when she's grinning
when she moves her little mouth like she's eating while she's fast asleep

...just to name a few :)

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