something about mornings

even when she was just days old, my sweet bee has loved mornings. after she wakes {and eats, of course} she is so happy. it's like each day is new and bright for her. she is definitely most smiley and talkative in the mornings and i cherish it.
when she was 5 days old...

i laid her in my lap and just talked to her about how pretty she was. during that time, she started little side-mouth grins. but when i started to tickle her cheek, she would pull up these huge cheeky smiles. just like her daddy, her smiles take up her entire face. she really lights up! i happened to have my phone by the bed and captured what will always be my favorite photo of her! she has had even more since then, and even more often, but that first one will be how i'll always remember my brand new baby girl. :)

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