sleep baby sleep

for the first few days all our poor bee wanted was to sleep. being born must be a lot of stressful work! there were nights she would have slept right through had we not woken her up just to eat {newborns have to eat every 2 hours}! we had set an alarm to go off every two hours so that she would be sufficiently fed. it was exhausting the first couple of days, but my body adjusted super quick and i start waking up before the alarm!

she was such a sweet newborn. i had heard that most itty bitties cooed, but ours made little critter and sometimes even dinosaur {baby} noises! and from the day she came out, she has always grunted, just like her momma. :) it really surprised me how quiet she was. never cried, and hardly fussed. and we could have heavy machinery going and she could have slept right through it! not to mention our howling hounds! but when she was asleep, she made all sorts of noise! whimpering, cooing, grunting and moaning. seriously like a little critter sleeping in our room. she started in a bassinet next to our bed, but after about a week she started to sleep in her crib in her room. we needed sleep!

before we left the hospital, i couldn't handle being in a different room from her. the would take her for labs and what not and i would seriously pace! separation anxiety, for real! and when she was sleeping in the hard plastic hospital bassinet, i felt terrible and thought for sure she was going to freeze and feel neglected, so i would sneak her out and slip her into be with me! but once we were home and settle, we decided she had to be in her room through the night.

after a few weeks the newborn traits wore off and sleeping at night was not as fun to her. there were some nights where her schedule was completely flipped and she would wake up every couple hours, just to be awake! she just wanted to be up and visiting with us. then we
remembered while i was pregnant we started a routine of going to be around 1130/12 {hey, it was summer time}, rubbing cocoa butter on my belly {a personal massage for her} then reading and listening to music. so we realized she was used to that routine and we had to ween her from the time slot. so we continued to play her music and sometimes start the night with a bath. and after a good feed she would finally rock to sleep. of course, being small {at that time} she would wake every 3/4 hours to eat, but the heavier she got the further the spaces became.

now a days she spends way more time awake during daylight and we start our routine
around 4pm! she wakes up from her late afternoon nap around 4, then takes another short nap and then is up from about 6 to 930/10. we then get ready for bed and eat which then puts her to sleep. we slide her into her crib and then kiss her goodnight!

thank goodness no colic! i don't know how the cranky-baby-fairy missed our house but thank goodness she did! we have a sweet and relaxed baby, or as others say, "chill". guess she gets it from her parents. :)

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