it begins

after five fabulous years of marital bliss, adam and i were pleased to discover that we were going to have a baby! we found out when i was about 5 weeks along and constantly prayed for a healthy developing child. but it was going to be our little secret until we could hear the heartbeat. then, once the sweet sound of the tiny healthy heart was heard at my initial dr's visit, we spread the fabulous news like hugs & kisses!

everyone was as giddy as we were and could hardly wait to find out the gender of our little one.
now, just to spice things up, here are some observations from my pregnancy.

.gaining 30+ lbs {but for good reason}
.small and over-functioning bladder
.amazing shinier, thicker, looong hair {thank you prenatal vitamins}
.junk in my trunk ;)
.inability to remember anything...aka spaghetti brains!
.perfect perfect glowing complexion!
.no-outie belly button, just plain
.appetite for anything bitter, sour or covered in vinegar {mostly grazed on cucumber and tomato salad
.inability to take prenatals in the am. strictly a pm routine {wish i had known that before!}
.sleeping well until about 25 weeks, when i then could no longer roll over during the night which equaled to no sleeping well at all!
.always always hot natured {very rarely happened before pregnant!}
.i did a lot of walking during the course of my pregnancy!

and last but not least, i was not nearly as prepared as i thought i would have been! especially when my baby came 6 weeks early while we were on holiday!...but, more on that later.

case in point: welcome to the on-going stories and adventures of my charlotte bee!

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