fun times

throughout the summer and into the fall came the time we goodwins pack up and get! looking back, i cannot believe how much traveling/walking/busy-ness we were involved in with me big preggo! just to sum it up for you...

we started with new york for adam's externships, then we headed to hilton head for the beach, then to texas for my cousin's wedding, then off to charleston, {again the beach}, then sunset beach {yep, another beach}, and finally chicago for adam's residency interview! quite a haul when you think about it. not to mention the many trips back and forth to atlanta to my parent's where i stayed while adam traveled all over the u.s. interviewing at even more locations {kentucky, illinois, and texas again...just to name a few}! these all were potential future home-spots for us, depending where he got accepted.

who'd a thought we'd end up back here in augusta, ga for two more years. :)

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Amy Marsh said...

Love your blog! This was a great idea!!