the big {unexpected} day!

it was 830 am thanksgiving morn in kennesaw, ga {my parent's house} and i was laying in my brother's bed with adam, barely awake, when i had the inklin' to tinkle. ;) unfortunately...i thought i had maybe wet the bed, but then realized it was more of a gush than a tinkle! i shook adam to wake him and said in a shaky-mousy voice, "i think my water broke". before he even turned over towards me, he says, "are you sure you didn't just wet the bed?"...this being a slight joke between us, considering my condition and how difficult it was to get out of bed the many times i needed to! he then tells me to...and i'm sorry if this is a little much...smell it to make sure it was my water and not my pee! because it was a whole 6 weeks early i was worried...and while worried i told him it was in fact my water...meaning a baby was coming!

so i ran to the bathroom to change and adam calls for advice from his sis. mind you, while all of this was brewing the rest of the family, including 5 cousins and gma from tx were still asleep!

unfortunately manda was m.i.a. and not answering and adam was still in a panic, i was in shock and everyone else asleep.

so, in desperation, adam calls 911...just for advice. but the dispatcher went crazy and sent a fire truck to our rescue. adam kept assuring her that the baby was not showing yet nor was i have any contractions...so we could in fact drive ourselves. but she continued to insist on anambulance ride to the hospital!

literally 10 seconds later the firetruck arrived with a crew of about 8 men all rushing into my brothers bedroom to find me staring like a deer in the headlights. they all just stood around me with a scared look on their faces. i know they were terrified and assumed they were about todeliver a baby! adam assured them we were in no position to push yet and could drive ourselves to the hospital. they all sighed in unison and gave us to go-ahead. then off we went!

during all of this i realized i am almost 3 hours from my obgyn, my hospital and my house. it slowly sets in that this is all on a whim and could go any which way. i decided to swallow hard and bite the bullet. the lord has taken such good care of us this far, why would now be any different?!

we headed to kennestone {mar and mick were born there} and walked into the e.r. expecting to wait...but it was a ghost town in there! l&d came with a wheelchair and rolled me upstairs!

after they checked all my stats and my baby girl they said i was in labor and would later have a baby! the ob was out and i was hooked up with a midwife. at first i was a little concerned, but as soon as i met her i completely trusted and even came to love her! her and her nurses were amazing. angels, really. they made the entire experience worth remembering and telling over and over! soon after, around 10am, they put me in a delivery room. then around 6 pm they told me it was time to push! 45 mins later i had a gorgeous baby bee! nicu was there to check on her and gave us the thumbs up!

it was great to have my adam there holding my hand and coaching me along, and also my momma and sister there to support me as well. i love them dearly for it!

the midwife immediately handed her to me and my bee and i had an immediate connection. i cannot describe in words how amazing i felt and how much i love my baby girl! she completes me.

charlotte bee louella goodwin

6lbs 14oz . 19 3/4in