bee's first beach trip

now, while inside of me bee has been to charleston, hilton head and sunset beach, but once she came out we knew we had to quickly introduce her to the beach for real {we are serious beach people}! so at about three weeks old, we took our bee to charleston. it wasn't real beach temps, but the weather was lovely and the experience was great. and we definitely showed her a good time! i mean, who wouldn't love charleston?!

while we were there, we did some christmas shopping {great stuff there} and ate really well, too. she of course got to try all that i did. :) and then we finally made it to the beach. we walked up and down and even got really close to stepping in the water, but it was chillllly! when we were walking back to our car, we saw a tiny pink shack offering crepes! so of course we took the opportunity and ate us a banana/strawberry/chocolate crepe! divine. we also had hot chocolate made from melted dark chocolate. that was delish, too!

it was a lovely trip and i know bee really enjoyed herself. we look forward to raising her near the coast and taking her to the beach every chance we get. a beach bum in the making!

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