baby's first christmas

we were so glad to have our little bee come early! this meant we got to spend thanksgiving and christmas with her! even though unwrapping gifts is a little premature, the whole idea of creating christmas for a child is so thrilling! christmas with all adults/teenagers is just no fun. no seriously, not what it used to be. but with bee here we have plenty of opportunity to make christmas magical, again!

we were able to stay home this year, a first in the 6 years adam and i have been married. with all the traveling we had done up to that time, we decided a brand new baby at christmas break was the best excuse to stay home! we were fortunate enough to have family close by so they all made time to make a visit and see our bee. and we really enjoyed the quiet time we had to ourselves with our new little girl. something we may not have again for a very long time!

we got to go get our tree together and as soon as we strung lights on it, she was mesmerized. she would stare and stare. she loved our christmas tree! it gave me a little glimpse of how fun and exciting christmas will be next/this year when she's more aware. it will be so much fun! best first baby's christmas, ever.

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